Cambodian Scams

When I was doing research about Cambodia there were lots of articles about scams and things to look out for. I read so many warning about landmines in Cambodia that it seemed if you stepped off the sidewalk you would set one off. Which is not true, if you are in a more rural area it is not advised to step off the beaten path but in Siem Reap they’ve gotten rid of most of them. Landmines are a huge problem in Cambodia. Another thing I read about, were all the scams. Since Cambodia is a third-world country and tourism is a recent industry, scams are abundant. Continue reading

Cambodian Temples

April 1st I woke up at 4:30am to leave the hostel at 5am to catch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. We had to leave so early to purchase tickets for the temple complex. One day admission was 20$, three day admission was 40$, and seven day admission was 60$. I planned on spending three days in Siem Reap so I purchased the three day pass, it saves time later because I didn’t have to stand in the line again. They took your picture for the temple pass so you couldn’t give it to someone else. Mine was a lovely 5am-I-just-woke-up picture, no joke. Continue reading