Concussion Tales´╗┐

One of the cool things about having a blog hosted by WordPress is I can back date my blog posts. People see them on Facebook in real time but if you go back and look at the posts, I can date them so it looks like I keep up with my writing. I was on a blog writing kick for a while, unfortunately I had to stop for a while. Long story short, I walked into a pole and got a concussion. Continue reading

Lucky Threes

Sports day is a big deal in Thailand. It’s almost like field day in elementary school. The whole school participates in sporting events like track and field, Regent’s sports day on December 15 was for the secondary school. I was stationed at the javelin throw, it was terrifying as students would come up to the javelin and say they had never done it before. My job was to mark the throw; it was a boring job that I needed to be alert for. I am not a land sports person. Continue reading

First Full Week

I have been back in Thailand for several weeks now, but have only recently completed my first full week of teaching. New students came in to school for an orientation on August 22, classes started August 23, but I did not start my lessons until the 25th. Plus, there was a week of orientation before all that, so I had a lot of down time. Getting back into the swing of things has been nice, but not without its interesting moments. Continue reading