Shanghai Disneyland

The whole reason Jessica and I went to Shanghai was so we could go to Shanghai Disneyland. It is our goal to go visit every Disneyland together. So far we have been to the ones in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Together we have been to 3 out of 6 of the parks around the world.  Continue reading

Shanghai Impressions

Compared to other cities I have visited in China, Shanghai did not impress me. I was there with Jessica for four full days, February 12-15. The first day we tried hitting up highlights of the city and the other days we had other activities planned. It could be circumstances of the first day contributed to my unfavorable impression of the city. Continue reading

Purple Suitcase Problem

After visiting me and spending the weekend in Bangkok, Jessica’s plan was to continue on to Cambodia for a week before meeting up in Shanghai. She had just come from several weeks in the US so she had extra luggage she did not want to lug to Cambodia. She asked if she could leave it with me and if I could bring it to China for her. Like a good friend, I agreed, little did I know… Continue reading

Chinese Visa Issues

My half term break trip to Shanghai, China started with the joy of obtaining a Chinese visa. Getting a Chinese visa is almost as fun as getting a Thai visa and work permit. Both countries require stacks of paperwork and for all my Thai documents I had to sign every page (your hand starts to cramp after you sign 7 pages of contracts, 2 pages of diploma, and 4 pages of passport pages, all that times three). For the Chinese visa I needed the application form, a photo, a copy of my passport with all my Thai immigration stamps, a copy of my Thai work permit, a copy of my latest Chinese visa (along with the data page of my old passport), round trip flight reservations, hotel reservations, and your passport so they can put the visa in it. China does not mess around.  Continue reading