Peter Pan: Day 4

Today was our last day on the live aboard. We only did two dives, both on the Boonsung wreck. The Boonsung wreck was a tin dredger that sunk over 30 years ago, and tsunamis have broken it into six pieces. Our guide said there’s loads of marine life to see, thousands of fishes, shrimps, sea slugs, etc. We descend the buoy line into nothing. The visibility is about two meters, you could see the person in front of you and the person behind you. It was not the oppressive blue of the days before, this water was frighteningly brown. We were trying to stay close to the wreck but not too close to hit something but not so far away to get lost. Everywhere was brown, sometimes you would think you saw something because there was a darker smudge of brown. Parts of the wreck would jump out at you from the brown. Continue reading

Peter Pan: Day 3

We were back at Koh Tachai pinnacle for our first dive of the day. There was only a slight current so the dive was much more enjoyable than the day before. We had time to enjoy the colorful corals and all the fish. We even briefly saw a turtle (another diver with a camera chase it off trying to get a picture of it). There was a big school of barracuda swimming in the area, you could tell when they got close because all the smaller fish would speed off. If you looked in the opposite direction of the smaller fish then you could see the barracuda coming. The Frenchwoman pointed out a big grouper with its mouth open, and inside you could see the cleaner fish cleaning. I saw a strange looking fish, it looked almost like a hummingbird; back on the boat I looked it up and it was a bird wrasse. We saw two trigger fish fighting over territory. Continue reading

Peter Pan: Day 2

We woke up earlier this morning to dive at “Rocky Point” or “North Point” off island 9, before heading away from the Similan islands to Koh Bon for our afternoon dives. The dive site was a whole bunch of boulders, giant rocks the size of houses, and the way they were leaning created a bunch of spaces to swim trough. This site had more live coral than the other sites, but you could see where the coral was starting to bleach. The Frenchwoman and I saw a reef shark, and her husband saw a turtle. Our guide was not happy he missed those, he was too busy looking for flatworms. We saw a blue ribbon eel, which are supposedly hard to find. At the end of our dive we saw a sea snake, can’t get away from snakes even in the ocean.  Continue reading

Peter Pan: Day 1

It was quite the happenstance that I ended up on the live aboard (see earlier blog post). The boat was called the Peter Pan. We boarded on April 17 in the evening, the divers were me, a French couple, and eight Argentinians. The boat can hold 22 divers so there was plenty of space for all of us, I even got my own room! One thing I learned about the boat is you need to watch your head going up and down the stairs (otherwise you get a painful reminder for the rest of the trip, as I learned from experience) (also from experience, the cookies did not have chocolate between them but rather a sort of jelly, such a disappointment).  Continue reading

Getting Off the Island

I had the night ferry off Koh Tao on April 15, before I left I had dinner with my instructor friend. We went to a local place for all you can eat hot pot. Hot pot was my favorite food while teaching in China last year. Traditionally, you have a pot of soup, spicy or non-spicy, where you dump meat and veggies; once things are cooked you eat them. This hot pot was set up with a Korean barbecue style middle so you could grill things, and the soup around it to cook things. So delicious. The instructor kept calling my ferry the slave ship because I had the fan boat instead of the air conditioned boat.  Continue reading

Koh Tao, or Turtle Island

I started my Emergency First Responder (EFR) course on April 7. A lot of it was review from what I had learned from being a lifeguard for four years. Basically for me it was just a review course of CPR and first aid. The instructor was impressed how quickly I picked things up, I admitted I had experience but didn’t say anything because I didn’t know if what I would learn was different than my experience. The instructor was also impressed by my test; he said usually it’s people who are students who score higher on the test because they know how to study and retain things. That evening I went out for dinner with the dive instructors I had met the day before. We had mojitos, mango and passion fruit flavored, while watching the sunset in a bar called the Coconut Monkey; then we went to dinner at a Thai/German restaurant. Koh Tao is not the place you would think to find schnitzel but we found it.  Continue reading

Late New Year Post

I had a 4-day weekend for New Year’s which was great. However, I did not want to spend it stuck in Ban Bung, I really needed to get away. My first plan was to go to Koh Chang, relax on the beach, frolic in the ocean, and do a little scuba. That plan fell through when the only accommodations I could find were about 200 USD a night. So I had to fall back to plan B: Pattaya and Kanchanaburi. Moral of the story is plan ahead. Continue reading


I am grossly behind in my writing. I have been a little busy as of lately. However, here are the past several weeks…

Went to Koh Samet on Saturday (December 5), it was about 6 hours of travel. I did not have a reservation at a hostel; I planned to go from hostel to hostel trying to find a room. I figured since it was the King’s birthday, everyone would be heading to Bangkok. Wrong; there were people sleeping on the beach. On the ferry over, I met a very nice man who helped me find a place to stay for the weekend. A woman rented me a house (really a house: two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room). Continue reading