Sweets in Bangkok: Round 2

At the end of the original Sweets in Bangkok post, I mentioned I had a list of places I wanted to try out while in Bangkok. This past weekend I had to go to Bangkok to renew my passport at the US embassy; which gave me the perfect opportunity to go sightseeing and eat fun desserts. One of the best parts about this adventure, besides the really great desserts, is I get to see parts of Bangkok I never would have seen otherwise. Continue reading

Sweets in Bangkok

I have a sweet tooth; it is a fact of life. One thing I have noticed on my travels in Asia is that sweets are different abroad. Dessert is not a common thing, but sometimes fresh fruit is served in place of sweets for a dessert. Cakes are different too. They are more spongey and the frosting is light and whipped; they are not as filling as cakes in America. Cookies are practically non-existent outside packaged cookies at 7-11 (though there are little packages of 5 baht cookies that really hit the spot, the lemon ones are the best). Recently, I have had experiences with two divine desserts in Bangkok. Continue reading