Thailand Tour With Mom: Chanthaburi 

My mother came to visit me in Thailand, April 6-23, during the Songkran holiday (or if you’re a westerner then it would be Easter holiday). I booked her flights, she got her shots, I planned the itinerary, and she arrived the morning of April 6. I promised to meet her in the airport at the “meeting point” but due to accidentally taking the subway in the wrong direction, I was a little late. She was already there waiting for me; patience is a good thing to have while traveling abroad.  Continue reading

Wading into Travels

My last day at school was March 18, and I officially moved out of my apartment March 22. My work visa expired March 31 so I decided to go traveling a bit before leaving the country. One thing I forgot to mention in the last blog post were my job interviews. Through my connections at the dive shop I was able to get a job interview for teaching swim lessons to primary students at an international school in Pattaya. The first interview went well and they asked me to go back so they could see me teach. When I went back to teach the pool was broken so I had to go back again. Continue reading

All That Glitters

Finals season is upon us! I have not been writing blog posts because I have been writing finals. I told myself that I would do nothing until my finals were written, no reading, no writing, nothing until I had finished my exams. There was a lot of staring at a blank page on the computer screen. Writing multiple-choice exams is very difficult; there is a gap between what I think the students should be able to do, what the school thinks the students should be able to do, and what the students can actually do. In addition, the school had me write a 50 question multiple-choice exam for incoming M1 students in the English Program. It was a nightmare to write, again because of the me-school-student gap. I added readings from Harry Potter and some Finding Nemo references, because writing exams is boring. Continue reading