About Me

I am Susan. I am part fish, part bookworm, perfectly purple and a wanderer. When I talk about my adventures, people always ask me if I have a blog. Now I do! I almost wish I had one earlier. This blog is supposed to be a collection of stories about my travels, along with useful information and insights I have learned along the way. Most of the time I make it up as I go along. Though, I do hope you do come away with something meaningful or profound insight or inspiration.

I have been an English teacher in a Chinese primary school, and a Thai secondary school. Currently, I am a swimming teacher in an international school in Thailand. I like visiting interesting/historical/beautiful places, eating new foods, and scuba diving. I don’t know where I am going but I will get there eventually. If you are new, then welcome! Feel free to poke about; most of the earlier posts are about teaching English in a Thai high school, more recent posts are about things I have learned while abroad and my adventures.

The hardest part about creating a blog is choosing a name. I lost count of how many names I rejected before settling on Wending. Google defines wend as to “go in a specified direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.” Synonyms include meander, wander, saunter, drift, roam, traipse, etc. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines wend as “to move from one place to another, to direct one’s course, to proceed on (one’s way).” Any definition you choose, wend is a verb, an action with direction. The direction may not always be known but there is a direction to a final destination. Besides, wending sounds so delightful.

“To wend means to choose a path and then walk that path. The path may not always be the fastest route, but at least it should get you there. Eventually.”


Important Note: Any products I review are completely honest. I am not endorsed by any company to give my opinions. Some people can make money off their blogs but I have yet to figure out how that works.

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