Shanghai Disneyland

The whole reason Jessica and I went to Shanghai was so we could go to Shanghai Disneyland. It is our goal to go visit every Disneyland together. So far we have been to the ones in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Together we have been to 3 out of 6 of the parks around the world. 

We went February 13, our second day in Shanghai. It is amazing how many people can cram onto a subway as they all go to Disney. I told Jessica it felt like a quarter of China was there and she said it was still Chinese New Year holiday so people were looking to get out.

Disneylands across the world are fairly similar yet each is unique (same same but different). This was Snow White’s castle and it is the largest one of all the Disney castles. There is a Snow White story walk through inside the castle. The carousel was Fantasia Pegasus themed. There was an Alice in wonderland themed maze.

We didn’t go on many rides this time. We did go on Peter Pan’s flight and the Buzz Lightyear one. The wait times were ridiculous with so many people in the park. Even though there were lots of people there, Jessica and I were part of maybe ten foreigners there. There were huge discounts on grand opening merchandise. We speculated that they were not getting the foreign crowds they were expecting probably in part because of the strict Chinese visa requirements.


We did go to a lot of shows and see a lot of characters. We stumbled upon the Golden Fairytale Fanfare at the castle. There was the Frozen sing along, which was all in Chinese. We caught the last part of Baymax Super Exercise Expo. Then there was the Tarzan: Call of the Jungle and Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular, all in Chinese. The shows were fun and different; I enjoyed them even if I couldn’t understand them.

Note: I did wear my princess tiara almost all day because it is one of the few places in the world where you can do that and not receive weird looks. I also scoured all of Bangkok to find that tiara when I realized I forgot mine at home.


2 thoughts on “Shanghai Disneyland

  1. I love reading about your adventures! So jealous that you are visiting all the Disney parks! P.S. those mickey ice cream bars were delicious, dare I say better than a dilly bar?!?


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