Sweets in Bangkok: Round 2

At the end of the original Sweets in Bangkok post, I mentioned I had a list of places I wanted to try out while in Bangkok. This past weekend I had to go to Bangkok to renew my passport at the US embassy; which gave me the perfect opportunity to go sightseeing and eat fun desserts. One of the best parts about this adventure, besides the really great desserts, is I get to see parts of Bangkok I never would have seen otherwise.Tongue Fun: Thailand’s Hottest Ice Cream

Originally, on my list I was looking for an ice cream shop called Spice Story, which is run by a Thai spice company and apparently has very unique ice cream. Terminal 21 in Bangkok is a very large mall where each floor is a theme (there’s a London floor, a streets of San Francisco floor, etc.). I did my best to search for the ice cream shop but I couldn’t find a directory for the whole mall, it was as if you just needed to know where everything was. I hopped on the internet and tried to find it, the closest thing I got was Tongue Fun.

Tongue Fun serves their ice cream in hot pot bowls. The smallest bowl holds five scoops, the next biggest holds seven scoops, and I have no idea how much the biggest one holds. There are all sorts of fun flavors like vodka red bull, Thai milk tea, green tea, sorbets, etc. In some of their larger locations, they have many more flavors. They fill the center of the bowl with dry ice, put the ice cream in the bowl, then pour water over the dry ice which makes it start smoking and it looks like it’s hot. Added plus, the dry ice keeps the ice cream from melting too fast.

I had the small five-scoop bowl. There was double chocolate, Oreo coffee, green tea, blue cocktail sorbet, and a random sorbet I picked on a whim. The double chocolate was quite good; very chocolaty. Oreo coffee was my favorite ice cream; it was coffee ice cream with chunks of Oreos in it. The green tea ice cream was my least favorite; the flavor was just way too strong. Blue cocktail sorbet tastes like blue jolly ranchers. The mystery sorbet was my favorite out of the bowl; it was tangy and fruity with little frozen jellies in it.


You can’t really see the dry ice steam but it was there!

(My favorite ice cream in all of Thailand can be found with street vendors. It’s called Tuti Fruiti; it is pink, purple, and blue colored with rainbow gummies in it. So. Delicious.)

How to get there: Take the BTS to the Asok station. Take exit 1 right into Terminal 21. Or take the MRT to the Sukhumvit station, follow exit 3 up and continue walking into Terminal 21. Go up to the 5th floor, Tongue Fun is located in the food court. You have to get one of the prepaid food cards before ordering (you can get unused money back off the card). The five-scoop bowl was 89 baht, which is about $2.55.


Mocking Tales

I decided to go to Mocking Tales after my day at Ko Kret, I was hungry and tired, it was the closest place to my hostel. At first, I walked right past it, way out of my way, and after a long day of walking already. You kind of have to know exactly where you are looking in order to find it. Once I doubled back around, I found it easier. It is tucked back in the corner of a restaurant complex, and it is not on the sign outside the complex. I think this adds to its charm. The whole place had a Grimm’s fairy tale feel. There were suits of armor, dim lighting, ornate woodwork. It felt like you were taking a break from an epic quest.

The place was on the small side, but they used their space efficiently and it felt like each table had its own space. I didn’t have a reservation, they seated me at a little one person table with a stone dragon for company. If you have a large party, get their earlier in the evening or make a reservation. When I left there were people waiting for a table. It is mostly cocktails and desserts; the menu was selective but there were good choices and many drawings that lent themselves to the fantasy feeling. My small single person table was located near the bar so I got to watch them make all of their fun drinks. Of all the places on this post, I would definitely come back to this one.

I got one of their signature desserts called the Inferno Mountain. My server suggested it because I mentioned I was hungry. Spoiler alert: I couldn’t finish it, it was a dessert to be shared. I selected three scoops of ice cream to go in my mountain: dark chocolate, milk, and cookie monster (mint ice cream with cookie bits). There is a layer of crispys, like in Crunch bars. Brownie bites were on top of those, and real, actual, chewy brownies, not the cakes they label brownies. On top of that was my ice cream selection. Covering all that was a cone of dark chocolate. Then they poured raspberry sauce all over the top of the chocolate mountain. Then, they lit triple sec on fire, poured it over the mountain, which melted the chocolate and revealed everything inside. It was beyond delicious. I needed a huge glass of milk to go with it. The only part I did not like was the cookie monster ice cream, the mint flavoring was far too strong bordering on drinking mint syrup.

How to get there: Take the BTS to Thonglor station. Take exit 3, when you get to the street make a U-turn so you are walking the other direction than the stairs, walk along Sukhumvit until you get to the first intersection (very soon)(Thonglor Road or Soi 55). Cross the street here, it’s almost impossible to do later. Walk along the street until you get to Maze Thonglor, it is a mall with restaurants. Mocking Tales is located in the back right corner on the first floor, hidden by a fish restaurant. This was a bit pricier. I got water to wash down all the chocolate, a service charge and 7% VAT was added on the bill. It totaled to 613 baht, which is roughly $17.60.

Hello Strangers Café

This is not a dessert place, sorry. But their signature drink looked so cool I just had to go and try it. It’s called Monkey Brain coffee and it is served in a skull cup. The coffee tasted like a latte but the presentation was fun. It was a fun thing to do in the morning, I don’t know if I would go back but I was glad I went.

How to get there: Take the BTS to Phrom Phong station. Take exit 4, make a U-turn so you are walking the opposite direction of the stairs, travel down Sukhumvit road until you see the sign for Soi 26 (the first major intersection). Walk down Soi 26 until it curves, this is a 10ish minute walk. On the left hand of the road near the curve is the café. You’ll see the Darth Vader mural first. The coffee was 90 baht, which is about $2.58.


This ice cream shop serves its ice cream between two macaroon cookies (it was a weekend for ice cream). I got horribly lost on my way there, Siam square is bigger than I thought. It was another place that you had to know where you were going. Once I finally found it, I decided on the yellow happy face macaroon with bubblegum ice cream. It was so challenging to eat. Do you pick it up and eat it like an ice cream sandwich? Do you use a spoon and eat it like normal ice cream? I tried both ways and almost dropped the thing on myself several times. This was another place which was fun to visit but I don’t think I have to go again. If I go again, I may try their regular chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.

How to get there: Take the BTS to Siam station. Get off at exit 4 take the sky-ramp into Siam Square One mall. Walk into the mall, take a right and the floor slopes down to the street (Soi Siam Square).  If you go straight through, the Hello Kitty café should be on your right. Turn right, past the Hello Kitty café. There is a small alley between the Hello Kitty café and the center of Siam square (there’s a big sign). Go down the alley towards the BB Duck café. Bonca is on the left near the end of the stalls. My selection was 125 baht, about $3.59; for 10 baht extra, you could get toppings.

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