Sweets in Bangkok

I have a sweet tooth; it is a fact of life. One thing I have noticed on my travels in Asia is that sweets are different abroad. Dessert is not a common thing, but sometimes fresh fruit is served in place of sweets for a dessert. Cakes are different too. They are more spongey and the frosting is light and whipped; they are not as filling as cakes in America. Cookies are practically non-existent outside packaged cookies at 7-11 (though there are little packages of 5 baht cookies that really hit the spot, the lemon ones are the best). Recently, I have had experiences with two divine desserts in Bangkok.

Kiss Me Tiramisu

I had to go to the American embassy in Bangkok to get my degree verified (which is another story). I was meandering around Bangkok; I got off at the wrong exit at the Siam BTS station. It was just a matter of reorienting myself on the street in the right direction. I passed by places I had never seen before, down one street there was a small line of people, which in Thailand means something is going on. Me being nosey decided I needed to see what was going on, I had time to kill. They were lined up outside a little tiramisu ice cream place. The shop was small, just enough room for the counter and you inside. Naturally, I had to get one.

They took a cold, plastic, wine glass and poured a layer of vanilla soft serve ice cream in it. Then it was drizzled with chocolate and coffee syrups, and dusted with cocoa powder. Another layer of soft serve ice cream was added, along with more chocolate, coffee, and cocoa; the whole thing was topped with shaved chocolate. It was 159 baht, which equates to about $4.60. It was delicious, tasted like tiramisu but was actually ice cream. I was so glad I stopped because it was the perfect treat for a hot day.

How to get there: The shop is located at Siam Square Soi 3. That the BTS sky train to Siam, then take exit 2, and go towards the right. Soi 3 is the first street on your left. Super easy to get to.

Mandarin Oriental Shop

I follow a page on Facebook called Insider Foods, and it’s all food videos of interesting foods and chefs from around the world. Seriously, some of these foods are works of art. One of the videos was about a place in Bangkok, so of course I had to go check it out. It was located in Siam Paragon, which I have been to many times and have never seen this place, granted their food area is massive. It was a little difficult to find just because their food area is so large. Nevertheless, I made it and just the store is beautiful. I enjoyed looking at their rows of colorful macaroons, and chocolates, and pastries. The walls were lined with pre-boxed cookies and fancy teas. There was even ice cream, and a strange rolling cake mounted on the wall.

The dessert featured in the video was an apple crumble, only 170 baht which is roughly $5.00. I ordered that because it was so beautiful. The apple crumble was just apples, a crumbled sugar cookie, and sort of a whipped cream. What made it special was the crumble is inside a white chocolate apple. It looks like a green apple and you have to break open the outer shell to get to the rest of the desert inside. The whole thing was rich but so delicious and so fun to eat. I would suggest eating the chocolate outside with the crumble outside, it is a lot of sugar if you eat the inside and then the outside.

How to get there: The shop is located in Siam Paragon Shopping center. Take the BTS sky train to Siam, exit 3 will take you into the mall. Once in the mall, go to the ground floor where most all the food is located. Look at a  directory map to find exactly where it is located.



[Note: expect more posts about sweets. Last night I compiled a list of over 20 dessert paces I want to visit in Bangkok]



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