New School: Q&A

I mentioned in some previous blogs about having some job interviews at an international school in Pattaya. I started the job May 2 and hit the ground running.

Where are you teaching now? 

I’m teaching at Regents International School in Pattaya, Thailand.

Are you still teaching English?

Nope! I was an assistant PE teacher, assisting the Thai swim teacher and helping with preschool/kindergarten PE classes. But in the upcoming school year I will be a real teacher and have my own classes and be teaching 3-8 year olds.

What is the pool like?

There are two pools, the big pool and the small pool. The big pool is getting a makeover next year so it will be out of commission until about Christmas. It is getting re-tiled, new deck, new blocks, and it will be salt water. The small pool is new this year, salt water and very shallow, perfect for the little kids. I will be teaching in the small pool.

Are your students Thai?

Some of them are. Some of them are not. It’s a mix of international students, they come from all over. Since it is a British school, all the students have to speak English. Occasionally there is a new student who doesn’t know much English and their classmates help them.

Do you like it better than teaching English?

Oh yes! There are only a few tears but other than that the students seem pretty excited to learn to swim.

Weren’t you in America recently? Aren’t you heading back to America soon?

Yes. I went back for two weeks to see my brother graduate high school. Then I am going back for the six-week summer vacation. And then back to Thailand for another school year.

How long is your contract?

It is for as long as I want it to be—maybe one year, maybe two years, maybe I don’t quite know etc.—as long as I am in good standing with the school.

Where do you live now? Where do you eat?

It is a boarding school so I’m living on the school campus in the dormitory. I get my own room but it is a shared bathroom (just like college). There is a common room with a kitchen for our use. As part of my contract, I get lunch and dinner from the school, the only meal I have to provide myself is breakfast and snacks. Other teachers have told me about a little restaurant down the street called Bob’s, I will have to check it out.

Is the pay better?

Yes and no. I am getting paid less than the Thai school but I do not have the living expenses so it all evens out that I am making more at the new school.

Are you still diving?

Of course! I’ve recently decided to go for my dive master certification so you will be hearing all about that learning adventure next year.

What have you been up to since your latest posts?

Lots of getting used to teaching in a new school and bouncing around countries, with some adventures with other teachers.

 What can we expect from your blog for next year?

I am going to try to post regularly again when the school year starts. It will be similar to last school year with posts about teaching and weekend adventures, a few more about diving. I’m thinking about adding more about what I have learned from traveling; I’m calling them “Susan’s Super Travel Tips.” Originally, I didn’t want to give travel advice because what can I say that has not already been said, though through traveling I am learning lots of things I want to share. Because apparently proper hostel etiquette isn’t well known…

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