The Bamboo Saxophone Saga

Due to surprise content, this post was postponed, aka the quest for my boyfriend’s Christmas/birthday present.

I first stumbled on the video on Facebook. One of my friends had liked it. It was of a man who made bamboo saxophones. I knew someone who would like a handmade bamboo saxophone very much. Continue reading

Thailand Tour With Mom: Pattaya

My mother and I arrived in Pattaya on our double decker bus much later than I had anticipated. The original plan was to arrive in Pattaya before sunset and go to the night market after checking in to our hotel. However, you know what they say about the best laid plans. The bus dropped us off in the north part of Pattaya and our hotel was more in the southern part of Pattaya. Fortunately for us we were able to easily catch a reasonably priced taxi to our hotel, which was purple. Continue reading

Thailand Tour With Mom: Chanthaburi 

My mother came to visit me in Thailand, April 6-23, during the Songkran holiday (or if you’re a westerner then it would be Easter holiday). I booked her flights, she got her shots, I planned the itinerary, and she arrived the morning of April 6. I promised to meet her in the airport at the “meeting point” but due to accidentally taking the subway in the wrong direction, I was a little late. She was already there waiting for me; patience is a good thing to have while traveling abroad.  Continue reading

Concussion Tales

One of the cool things about having a blog hosted by WordPress is I can back date my blog posts. People see them on Facebook in real time but if you go back and look at the posts, I can date them so it looks like I keep up with my writing. I was on a blog writing kick for a while, unfortunately I had to stop for a while. Long story short, I walked into a pole and got a concussion. Continue reading

Hangzhou Day Trip

There is nothing like starting and ending your day with a mad dash through the railway station trying to catch your train. Not a running on the platform trying to catch your train. But a full on sprint, dodging around people, leaping over luggage, taking the escalator two stairs at a time, heart pounding race to get to the train before it left. Spoiler: we made it just in time both times.  Continue reading

Suzhou Day Trip

Jessica had the LonelyPlanet China guidebook downloaded onto her kindle which we used to plan out two day trips away from Shanghai. The first day trip was to Suzhou which is a canal town about a half hour away from Shanghai by train. We went on February 14 and we had a list of ten things we wanted to do or see while we were there. We managed about three… Continue reading

Shanghai Disneyland

The whole reason Jessica and I went to Shanghai was so we could go to Shanghai Disneyland. It is our goal to go visit every Disneyland together. So far we have been to the ones in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Together we have been to 3 out of 6 of the parks around the world.  Continue reading

Shanghai Impressions

Compared to other cities I have visited in China, Shanghai did not impress me. I was there with Jessica for four full days, February 12-15. The first day we tried hitting up highlights of the city and the other days we had other activities planned. It could be circumstances of the first day contributed to my unfavorable impression of the city. Continue reading

Purple Suitcase Problem

After visiting me and spending the weekend in Bangkok, Jessica’s plan was to continue on to Cambodia for a week before meeting up in Shanghai. She had just come from several weeks in the US so she had extra luggage she did not want to lug to Cambodia. She asked if she could leave it with me and if I could bring it to China for her. Like a good friend, I agreed, little did I know… Continue reading